ECo and GrInHy to host a joint workshop on rutes to industrialisation of high-temperature electrolysis

Wednesday 15 Aug 18

The workshop

Title: Route to the Industrialisation of High-Temperature Electrolysis

Date: September 3 2018

Location: Salzgitter, Germany

Organised by:
GrInHy –
ECo –

More information: Download the flyer

High-Temperature Electrolysers (HTE) have the potential to lower operational costs by up to 20% compared to state-of-the-art alkaline or PEM based electrolysers. Due to the gas flexibility and high efficiency of solid oxide electrolysers (SOE), numerous applications are possible involving production of hydrogen and carbon monoxide and mixtures of both (synthesis gas).

Specific examples are

  • The production of industrial hydrogen (or CO), which holds a huge market potential, if cost and quality targets can be met.
  • The production of hydrogen or synthesis gas (with the optional route to hydrocarbons) for seasonal and large capacity storage of electricity from renewable sources and for transportation.

The technology still needs to be matured, specifically regarding costs, scale, lifetime, and robustness. Considerable progress has been made in recent years, resulting in first demonstration projects in the field.

The workshop provides a platform for discussion of achievements in the technology maturity in the field of cells, stacks and systems, techno-economics, market applications, certification requirements in terms of ‘green’ hydrogen, hydrogen processing and life cycle analysis of HTE technology.

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